iPhone XS Max Case

Waves Protect
Waves Protect - an ideal flip phone case full of innovation.
Features you'll never find in regular phone cases:
  • Only high quality materials: Premium oil-waxed 100% genuine Italian leather, soft-touch plastic and microfiber, you'll love this fashion case from the first touch!
  • Stylish design: No magnetic strap, easy to open with one hand, prevents from occasional drops
  • 96% reduction of EMF exposure: The efficiency in blocking EMF radiation by 96% is proven by an independent FCC certified lab testing.
  • Built-in wallet: Special RFID protective tight pocket for your ID card, credit or debit cards makes it an irreplaceable cell accessory.
  • Perfect for travellers: Special pocket for SIM card and SIM card tray open eject pin
  • Super slim fit and light cover
  • Anti-scratch protection of the screen thanks to the inner soft microfiber layer
  • Supports wireless charger: Charging without hustle
  • Perfect fit: Specially designed, thus all cutouts are precise

Material: 100% genuine Italian leather, microfibre and soft-touch plastic

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