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What is an electromagnetic field (EMF)?
EMF is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of the objects in its vicinity. The closer you are to the source of the field, the higher the intensity of the magnetic field. You can't see, hear or feel the EMF. But it surrounds us everywhere. The earth creates its own magnetic field and some other natural sources, but also different human-made electronic devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, radios, home appliances etc.
What is the difference between non-ionizing and ionizing radiation?
The electromagnetic waves of higher frequency can transmit so much energy that it can break bonds between molecules. Such radiation is called ionizing. The examples of such radiation sources are radioactive materials, cosmic rays and X-rays. The fields with the transmitted energy not enough to break molecular bonds are called non-ionizing. Among such fields sources are man-made devices like microwaves, laptops, cell phones, home appliances, etc.
Do the cell phone radiation emissions have an impact on my health?
The excessive exposure of the human body to the cell phone radiation can contribute to the development of serious diseases. There are numerous studies proving this. Visit our blog to learn more.
When am I the most vulnerable to the mobile phone radiation?
Mobile phone radiation has the highest potential health risks when directly touching the body, especially the head. Besides, usually when the phone signal reception is lower, the phone increases the power to compensate thus produces more emissions.
Is the cell phone radiation really dangerous?
The smartphones were not invented long enough to show the long term effects yet. Right now the saying "no one ever got cancer from using the cell phone" may be the case, but we can't tell for sure what will be the case in, let's say, 20 years. Once we thought that no one ever got cancer from smoking, but we all know how it ends now. The cell phone radiation has a cumulative effect on our health, so probably one call won't hurt you, but the constant exposure may cause serious health problems. Visit our blog to learn more.
How does Waves Protect reduce my exposure to the cell phone radiation?
Each phone case has an internal layer of special Waves Protect material that redirects the radiation away from your head and body.
How do I use the Waves Protect phone case?
The front cover of the phone case has the layer of the unique Waves Protect material that blocks all the EMFs radiating in your direction. So when talking, you need to keep the case closed to reduce the exposure of your head. Also when carrying your phone in the pocket, you need to put it front cover towards yourself so to prevent your body from the exposure.
Does the phone case worsen the GSM and Wi-Fi signals reception?
The opened part of the case allows to stay online, so Waves Protect does not interfere with the GSM/CDMA, WI-FI or GPS signal reception.
What is the efficiency of the Waves Protect phone case?
Waves Protect phone cases have been tested in an independent FCC certified lab and show up to 96% efficiency in blocking cell phone radiation. See full report here.
Does the Waves Protect phone case protect me if I carry the phone in my pocket?
Yes, when carrying your phone in the pocket, you need to put it front cover towards yourself so to prevent your body from the exposure.
Have Waves Protect phone cases passed any certification?
Yes, the Waves Protect phone case has been tested by an Independent FCC certified lab and showed up to 96% efficiency. See full report here.
What are Waves Protect phone cases made of?
The Waves Protect phone cases are made of ecological materials which are proven to be very strong and durable. They also utilize the unique Waves Protect material which shows up to 96% efficiency in blocking all the radiation emitted by the cell phone.
Does the case protect the phone from everyday use?
The Waves Protect phone cases are made of ecological materials which are proven to be very strong and durable. It also provides the protection from the everyday use.
I can't find a case for my phone. What should I do?
In the near future there will be phone cases in stock for other phone models. Please complete our Request a phone case form and we will inform you as soon as your phone case is available.
What is the inside pocket for?
The special tight inside pocket is specially designed to safely carry credit or debit cards and avoid the potential remote money stealing. As such cases have significantly increased lately, we would like to protect our customers from such concerns.
What is the remote money stealing and how Waves Protect helps to prevent it?
Remote money stealing cases have significantly increased lately. The scammers utilize the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. It allows to transfer data wirelessly using the electromagnetic fields. Contactless payment via NFC (Near Field Communication) implemented in most modern bank cards is a good example of an RFID usage. Using the specially designed devices criminals can easily steal your personal financial information (i.e. your credit or debit card details) and access card details. You won't even notice it. The special anti-fraud pocket blocks the EMFs, so your credit/debit cards are completely protected.
Won't the case magnets demagnetize the bank card?
No, the case magnets have no influence on bank cards. Some people think that if you carry your card with your phone for a long time, it can demagnetize it. But we haven't faced such cases. Besides, the permanent magnet field differs from the one that can actually demagnetize the card. Nowadays, most bank cards have the hard-magnetic strips, which are hard to be damaged with the mostly widespread magnets.
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