6 features you'll never find
in regular phone cases.
We reinvented the phone case
Phone case is more than a stylish accessory. It protects you from the electromagnetic radiation produced by your phone.
Protects from the cell phone radiation
While talking and carrying in the pocket
100% genuine Italian leather
Pocket for credit cards
With remote money stealing protection
Magnetic locks
Prevent from occasional opening
Ultra-thin and light
Adds just 2mm on each side and 2oz to the phone weight
Pocket for additional SIM-card and removal pin
Ideal for travelers
Only high quality materials
You'll LOVE IT from the first touch.
Genuine Italian leather. Soft-toch plastic. It's a pleasure to take in hand.
Adds just 2mm on each side and 2oz to the phone weight
Super Thin 0.05" Adds just 1.2 mm or 0,05 in. on each side. 2oz Adds just 2oz or 54 gr to the phone weight.
*The exact numbers may slightly vary depending on the phone model
Protects from the cell phone radiation
Each phone case has an internal layer of special Waves Protect material that redirects the radiation away from your head and body. The opened part in the top allows to stay online, so Waves Protect does not interfere with the GSM/CDMA, WI-FI or GPS signal reception.
Is the cell phone radiation so dangerous? Learn more.
Proven results
Waves Protect phone cases have been tested in an independent FCC certified lab and show up to 96% efficiency in blocking cell phone radiation. See full report here.
More than a phone case
Waves Protect phone case allows to safely carry up to 2 credit or debit cards in the special tight pocket to avoid remote money stealing. Besides, you can forget about your wallet. Your bank cards will always stay with you.
Что такое дистанционная кража денег с карты?
Технология радиочастотной идентификации получает все большее распространение. Вам знаком этот термин? Эта технология позволяет беспроводную передачу данных посредством электромагнитного поля. Скорее всего, вы уже используете эту технологию в повседневной жизни. Отличный пример – бесконтактная оплата. Ведь теперь для совершения покупки в магазине вам достаточно просто поднести кредитную карту к специальному сканеру, а не прокатывать ее через терминал. Правда, великолепно?
RFID anti-theft pocked for credit cards Rubber covered edges
Pockets for additional SIM card and removal pin
Ideal for travelers.
Pocket for additional SIM card. SIM removal pin pocket.
Get ready for the innovation. Choose your Waves Protect phone case today.